Tag trade co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as markup), dongguan city, was founded in 1983, the infrastructure in mong kok, Hong Kong central service to drive industry more than 30 years, with the mainland economy high speed development, founded in 1998 in dongguan branch.


Markup adhering to the principle of actively develop new products, product market, and high cost performance theory, through to customers first, service paramountcy of channels to provide the satisfaction for the customer the choice, strive to achieve excellence.


Agent products including Japan's Mitsubishi Mitsubishi motors, Italy BBM aluminum shell motor, Italian Seimec/CEG/Soga cutting machine, Italian ELTE/BBM motorized spindle, Italy BBM/Temporiti brake motor, South Korea SPG pony, Taiwan east force TL motor and gear reducer, Italy Motovario/BBM turbine worm reducer, the Japanese KANA/his chain, Taiwan a JSD fan, Japanese like brand hoist (lift), South Korea LK crane, Hyundai Hyundai inverter, Italian IMS tool, Canada Robotmaster robot software and so on, widely used in electronics, household appliances, machinery manufacturing, aluminum doors and Windows cutting, sewing machine equipment, helmet polishing and other industries.


Our company is good at looking for products from abroad, so long as we provide relevant information, we can provide you with satisfactory service and perfect after-sales service.

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